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The "Original RockAmatic" Stone Molds
America's #1 Stone Molds
Welcome to the "Original RockAmatic" Website, We Pride Ourselve in Setting the Standard in Artificial Stones & Molds. Our Award Winning Products Lead the Industry in Producing the Most Realistic Stones at a Cost "NO OTHER PRODUCTS CAN OFFER."

We Offer 4 Different sizes of Molds to Produce Natural Stones that Mother Nature would be proud of. You Can Make Stones as easy as 1-2-3   So Easy a Child can make them.

We are the only Company that will Guarantee our products for 20 yrs
Don't Buy those Cheap Plastic or Rubber Molds that last only a few months.

Our Molds Don't Require Expensive Release Agents
Simply pour in Concrete and they pop right out of our Molds.

Traditional Molds don't allow you any options:
Our Molds will allow You to design what the Face of the Stone will look like. 
Our Molds will allow You to determine what Length & Thickness you prefer 
No Other molds on the market allow you these options.

The RockAmatic Molds will allow you to make natural stones for .8 cents per stone compared to buying them at 3 to 5 dollars a Stone. Save thousands of dollars

Thousands of Stonemasons have purchased our products saving them unlimited amounts of money, not ever having to purchase the Stones at unreasonable prices.

You don't have to be a Stonemason, we will show you on our video's just how easy it is to do any Stonework on Your Own Home or Projects

 Welcome to  RockAmatic Stone Works
I have spent over 40 years trying to make my Stone Molds User Friendly and have Options that No Other Mold Company can offer, In 1976 I built my first mold and little did I know it would become passion to perfection.
However it took me years to achieve and many different changes in order to get a Stone So Real, the average person could not tell them from the real deal. My first option was to make the stones at a price that was affordable, Second was the durability of the Molds as well as the Stones, Third was to have some options of how the face of the stones would look at completion as well as any length, not offered by any other mold in America.
Last was to make my Molds so User Friendly that anyone could use them regardless of age or gender. After 40 years I am completely satisfied with the final products, and want to share my molds & knowledge of what took me years to complete. The biggest question I get most ? Im Not Sure if I Can Install Them. "ABSOLUTLY YOU CAN",  And we will show you just how easy it is on Video step by step.  I Thank You for visiting our website, and assure you, You will Love our Products & Our Staff will be here 5 days a week to help you with any issue you may have.   
                                                      RockAmatic Stone Molds Products

RockAmatic 1    "The Original RockAmatic"    Face: 1-1/2 inch Ledgestone   2- 8 ft Long Molds

RockAmatic 2     "The Brick"       Face: 2 1/4 inch   "Brick"    2- 8 ft Long Molds

RockAmatic 3      "The Block"      Face: 4 1/4 inch   "Block"         2- 8 ft Long Molds

RockAmatic 4      "FieldStone"  Face: 8 inch   " SlateRock Panel"   3ft x 4ft pattern      

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   RockAmatic #1   " The Ledgestone"
     RockAmatic #2  "The Brick"
         RockAmatic #3   "The Block"
RockAmatic  #4 " The Slaterock